What is Connected Packaging

What is Connected Packaging? Why is it relevant? Do customers actually care? Answers to all this and more.

Connected Packaging revolutionizes the way people interact with food by connecting customers to the most relevant information and providing true transparency through digital information. Providing a QR code on packaging enables consumers to make informed decisions about food before they purchase and after they take your product home.

We believe connected packaging can be more than just another way of relaying what’s already on a food package. It’s a chance to give your customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

Connected Packaging means many things for consumers. For some, it promises clearer information about deadly food allergens. For others, it educates about sustainable food practices and ethical sourcing. In the future, connected packaging will assist in food tracking so companies can keep their consumers informed about their food from farm to fork.

Furthermore, with connected packaging, brands can introduce current customers to new products and services that are best suited to their needs.

It’s time to take Connected Packaging to the world by partnering with leaders in innovation and showing customers you care by providing them the most helpful information possible. Simply re-communicating your packing in digital format is not enough.

The rise of the informed, thoughtful, and careful customer is officially happening. Purchasers care more than ever about what they are buying and the impact their dollars have on their health and the globe. Give your customers the information they need instead of having to rely on someone misrepresenting your brand online!