Dangers of the Search Engine

Put the burden of information on your customer is never a good idea. Don't force customers or potential customers to search for the information that they need. Learn why!

All of your information is on your website.

Your story, links to your social media accounts, your location, it’s all there, keeping it simple for your clients. The problem is, when they go looking for you, they may not find you. Only between 12–29% of the hits on your webpage come from direct search (meaning someone types in your web address).*

It’s much more likely that a client will type your company name into a search engine, such as Google, than type in your web address. Organic searches like this can become a significant problem unless you have prime SEO or have paid for a top spot on search engine pages.

The truth is, when you don’t intentionally connect with your customers, and simplify their ability to connect with you, you may be sending them directly to your competitors.

Think of the last time you received a product, a software, or needed to learn how to do something. You may have headed to youtube; some of the videos you would have found told you how to do what you wanted to do. Many others on the watch list will have directed you to incorrect information, competitor information, or even content entirely unconnected from your original search.

It’s no different for your customers. When they google your business name, they will first encounter anyone who has paid to appear at the top of that search; they will also pull up anyone whose business is similar to yours.

The opportunity cost of not connecting directly with your customers and giving them the information they need is incalculable. In today’s market, with limited resources both in the workforce and financially, this type of oversight is essential to overcome.

So, connect meaningfully with your customers, keep in mind that good connections can be challenging to come by in personal and business relationships. Some things to think about as you work to create meaningful connections:

  • When connecting through email, recent reports state that average email clickthrough rate is only 3%.*
  • When connecting through social media, some of your customers will certainly see you on social media outlets, but there’s a lot competing for their attention. It’s unlikely they logged on to engage with your company, so if your ads aren’t excellent, they will scroll on.
  • When connecting through an app the problem is often getting someone to download, once this is done, many customers will delete an app. Too many apps, for too many companies, take up too much space on phones.

If difficulty connecting has been a hurdle for your business Liiingo is here to help. With our system Liiingo can help you connect with your customers through their device with or without an app. This is your all-in-one engagement solution for before customers get to you, while they’re with you, and once they leave–to keep them coming back again and again.

Good luck out there!

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